Rainy spiderweb….

Nee, geen regen op een raam… maar regen op een spinnenweb…. met macrolens natuurlijk.



26 thoughts on “Rainy spiderweb….

  1. Good day
    Their black white pictures the man only selte sieht…einfach brilliant.I have plenty belonht with the many likes…ich couldn’t help it all photos are large Klasse.Hut.I subscribe so I can see what you’re shooting everything so beautiful yet, am even more beautiful pictures of them.I have also nice street painting art.If you subscribe to me, see my older entries in the reader better and can, if so, the eye is known, liken if like.I have a varied palette of beautiful images on my Wpseite under another sky pictures and also funny not daily newspapers have written, to beautiful anecdotes and wise sayings and many rare of small books that today no longer exists in the trade who are 57 years old.My name is Andrea and come from Oberhausen located in North Rhine-Westphalia, in the Ruhr area, Essen.Und near you?What’s yours? I wish you a beautiful Mittwoch.Herzlichst Andrea

  2. Hi Andrea, thans for stopping by to take a look at my pictures. I’m from Belgium somewhere between Ghent an Brugges. I will follow your blog as well, to see you’re paintings and pictures.
    Greetings Geert

  3. Hi Geert,
    Her paintings are I’ve seen class and you to read too much interesaantes here also abonniert.habe… wish you lots of fun on my Seiten.besser you can find me under reader where you’ve subscribed to me, then you can see better and we know that yes the eye with even liken eating.I wish the weather in Belgium is a beautiful Abend.Wie?Do you often change-like weather?Sincerely Andrea

  4. Je hebt weer een heel bijzonder beeld weten te creëren.
    Je kunt lang naar deze foto kijken zonder precies te weten waar je nu eigenlijk naar zit te kijken. 🙂

  5. Mijn eerste gedachte, was een aquarium met maanvissen, scalares.Je hebt iedereen op het verkeerde spoor gezet.Fraai beeld.

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