18 thoughts on “Langpoot

  1. What an interesting name in Flemish…. in English it’s a Daddy Long Legs 🙂

  2. I just looked it up Geert and it’s real name is the “crane fly” but a common name used is Daddy longlegs but there is also a spider called by the same name.. HAHA I think I like Langpoot best. My wife speaks Dutch as she works for Landal at the l’Eau d’Heure when she gets back from walking the dog I’ll test her… I may know a word now that she doesn’t 🙂

  3. Wasn’t until last week I knew the word Dady Longs Legs myself, after talking to a friend from England explaining what was crawling on my livingroom wall.
    Must say I prefer looking at this Langpoot beeing outside a lot more ! 😉

  4. Die heb je weer heel netjes in beeld weten te vangen, en dat valt nog lang niet mee met al die lange uitstekende delen. Maak er een mooi weekend van, Geert.

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